How to Decorate a Baby Shower with Flower Arrangements

A baby shower is a special occasion for the expecting mother. It is an event to spoil her with gifts and wish her best in the journey of motherhood. She might be the first time mom or could be expecting a second or third child. In any case, show her that you care and are there for her! One way to do is to arrange a baby shower for her with flower arrangements. Below are some tips for your convenience:

Hire a Florist

If you can afford, hire a florist as they have the expertise in decorating flowers and bouquets. You can find a florist online. Make sure you visit the official website. Check the past work and don’t forget to see the ratings on Google. A florist would be able to guide you better. Despite the fact that you can make a flower bouquet, a florist can turn it into something exceptional.

Choose a Theme

It would be a great idea to select a theme. The decor for a little boy would be different from a girl. If you are not sure about the gender, you can select a neutral theme.

Ideas for the Occasion

Blue is the common color for boys and pink is used for the girls. For the gender-neutral, you can use shades of cream, gray, and others that complement the theme. In any case, you can use a floral arrangement.

  • If the baby shower is for a boy, you can use hues of blue in the overall theme. The light and dark shades of blue and it can look great with white. Flowers would add beauty to the party. You can use props of similar hues that would that it is going to be a little boy!
  • For a girl, you can select flowers of bright colors. You can complement hues of pink with white. The props would show that a pretty girl is going to join the family.
  • A gender-neutral baby shower can be of simple and sober shades. Gray, cream, or a yellow-tone. You can use the floral arrangement accordingly. However, it is up to you and you can select a bold arrangement as well.
  • You can use balloons of blue colors for the boys and pink balloons for girls. For the gender-neutral, you can select gray balloons. You can use colors based on the floral arrangement.

Final Words

If someone is going to the extent of arranging a beautiful baby shower for you, consider yourself lucky. You are a lucky mom, who is already loved by so many people. Wait until you see the little bundle of joy wrapped in your arms! If you are a friend or family member arranging it for someone you care, thank you! It is rare to find such people in today’s world. Make the most of this time as the new mom will be busy in the coming years!

How to Choose the Best Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a holiday that revolves around sentiments. It is an occasion to show our appreciation for one of the most important women in our lives. Many, as was done throughout history, traditionally, choose flowers to express themselves. There are a wide variety of different blooms, each with its own meaning and significance. You can do a colorful blend or a bouquet of a specific one (be sure to match them the vase!). Incorporating your mother’s favorite flower (and color!) is always a clever addition, however, weaving it with heartfelt symbolic thought can make your gift that much more special.


The History of Flowers and Mothers Day:

The meaning of the flowers themselves are individual and varies quite a bit due to type and color. The tradition was started all the way back in the early 1900s. In honor of her late mother, Anna Jarvis coordinated the very first Mothers Day using her moms’ favorite flower, the carnation. The day was officially declared a holiday by President Woodrow Wilson back in 1914. This is one of the reasons why carnations are one of the most recognized blooms of the holiday, all thanks to Miss Jarvis and her beloved mother. Although Anna was not very keen on the commercialization of her mother’s treasured carnation, the tradition has held strong.


The Color:

Colors have been used to express certain emotions and sentiments throughout history.

  • Red: Typically denotes feelings of love and/or passion
  • White: Usually signifies innocence and purity
  • Yellow: Is a show of friendship, joy and/or happiness


Significance of the Flowers:

There are many variations in the meaning of some of the most popular Mothers Day flowers. The most popular blooms and their symbolism:

  • Daisies: Innocence and purity. These are the perfect choice for new or expectant mothers.
  • Orchid: Love, admiration, luxury, beauty, and strength
  • Azaleas: Symbol of femininity and softness
  • Kalanchoe: Persistence and eternal love. This classifies more as a plant, however, that fact helps convey longevity.
  • Carnations: Promote love and feminineness. As the oldest token of the holiday, there is a good reason to include them in your bouquet.

Don’t Skimp on the Sentiment:

Once you have the perfect arrangement picked out, one of the final things to consider is your sentiment. You might be tempted to sign off with a generic ‘Happy Mothers Day’, although, I bet mom would appreciate something a bit more touching. Speak (write) from your heart. Let her know exactly what she means to you. The card is almost as important as the flowers themselves. Never skimp on the sentiment.

This meaningful holiday is about showing our gratitude to our wonderful, loving mothers. They show us unconditional love, and put their lives and souls into caring for our every want and need. This is the one occasion of the entire year that is all about the woman who has always put you first. Jewellery is beautiful, but vibrant blooms convey authentic emotion. There is truly no better way to express yourself than with a stunning arrangement of beautiful, sweet-scented, double entendres.